Texture, Motion, and a Rihanna Audio Online video

Calming is one particular word a Rihanna music movie is not. As a make a difference of point, you can not look at just one of her tunes videos and continue to be indifferent. You just are unable to. They all have one point in widespread: movement – modern, fluid, throbbing movement.

Just what is it about a Rihanna audio video clip that compels us to get our groove on, as well? Is it her voice? Her sinewy body? Her sensuous way of relocating to all types of conquer?

Whatsoever it is that Rihanna has, it is strong. She has the hipper, young 50 percent of the country all tickled and keen to stand less than her umbrella-ella-ella. The starlet channels a glut of personalities in her audio movies. She was chic and subtle in Take a Bow as she drove a Porsche all-around Venice in a purple leather jacket, black trousers, and black lacy top. She was each bit the siren as she danced to the disco-ey S.O.S (Rescue Me). In You should not Prevent the Tunes, Rihanna showed us the timelessness of the tiny black gown as she begged us not to prevent the tunes.

And what of the tunes video Umbrella? In Umbrella, Rihanna introduced the word sultry to daily life. She oozed sexiness from just about every pore as she tells us we can stand underneath her umbrella. Not amazingly, Umbrella grew to become a runaway achievement. It not only topped the Billboard Warm one hundred chart, it held that situation for seven weeks! In the United kingdom Singles Chart, it hogged the quantity one activity for ten consecutive months, creating it the longest-running chart-topper in a decade!

Not 1 to rest on her laurels, the star has a further new music video clip coming out, Disturbia.
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Built less than the course of David LaChapelle, this audio video clip has been raking a good deal of hoopla. Insiders say it continues the path Long gone Female Gone Lousy has taken and presents an edgier, additional elaborate Rihanna.

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