Use Video Annotations and Playlists to Help Get More Views on YouTube

Posting your videos on YouTube can surely get you a long way in your quest to online superstardom. But in making your videos as appealing and as interactive as possible, you might want to consider enhancing its features and adding a few embellishments. These added features will not only help increase your video’s entertainment value but also boost your popularity among your avid subscribers or potential audiences. For those who want to try their luck in YouTube, one of the best things you can do is to add video annotations and playlists to your video.

Video annotations allow users/video-makers to attach interactive commentaries to their videos. These video annotations are pop-up interactive icons that appear in between segments of your video. A video annotation may contain a link to another webpage, search results, channels, valuable information that you forgot to mention in your video, or it can also be used to point out a particular object in your video or suggest actions that your viewers may take while watching your video. A common example of video annotations are the speech bubbles that appear on the screen, which usually contain some remarks from the video maker.

To add annotations to your would-be phenomenal YouTube property, simply log-in to your account and go to¬†how to make a playlist on youtube the videos section. At the side of the video, click the “Edit Annotations” button. After adding the annotations, click the “Publish” button. If you think your annotations are a bit annoying or aren’t really working and you suddenly want to get rid of some, you can easily turn them off via the “Menu” button next to the video player.

Annotations can really work to your advantage, especially since they have been steadily gaining popularity among advertisers as these features engage their audiences more and allow users to have more control over the experience. All you have to do is to use these features well. There may be a lot of options you can choose from but of course it’s important not to overdo it. And most importantly, never mislead your audience. Don’t trick them into clicking the link so that they end up elsewhere instead of where you said they would go.

Playlists allow users to display an array of content related to their own. Using this feature, video-makers can easily guide their audiences in viewing one video to the next. To create a playlist in YouTube, simply log in to your account and click the “Playlist” button. Playlists can help you in encouraging more audiences to view your videos. All you need to do is to organize your playlist and group them according to similar themes or subject matter so that your viewers can find them easily and in turn find other videos to watch afterwards that would likely be of interest to them as well.

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